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Call us to place an order, we accept all method of payments!

Don't be shy to ask questions or just say Hello!

We will try our best to answer you within 24 hrs.

NOTE: Nous parlons français!

Shipping Cost

We are offering free shipping on all DIY kits for a limited time.


T-Shirt Sizing Chart

Please click here for details on our T-Shirt measurements.



Q: What is your delivery timeframe for the Kits?

A: Your items will be shipped the following business day your order is received.

Q: Can I purchase just one single kit?

A: Sure! You can create an individual kit by selecting your preferred design tool along with one T-shirt in our 'Single Items" menu under SHOP.  You will receive a pretty package within a few days.

Q: Do you have a shop or venue to host the party?

A: For now, we do not have a location, however we will gladly help you find a rental space near you.

Q: Do you have anything for Boys?

A: Of course, little boys love to be creative as well. We have many coloring images for any boy's taste (sports, superheros, TV/Movie characters, etc...) as well as a different branded loot bags.

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