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DIY Kits and Personalized designs

Each kit is a one-stop-shop for DIY lovers of all skill levels. They can be purchased alone or with our Party entertainment services. 

Our Kits were created to help you save time, money and host the perfect party for that special Designer in your life.

All kits come with a tutorial guide on how to use each design craft, as well as cutting instructions to re-shape the T-Shirts for

a cool new look! The best part? You don't need to run around for loot bag gifts since it's all in one! Plus your child will

think you threw the coolest party ever ;)


Tween (Pre-Teen) Graphic Tees Kit

Many hours of research has been invested in tween fashion trends to make sure we always have the latest "it" thing!

Our images are updated regularly and can also be customized based on your child's personal taste.


Artist & Splash Kits 

Kit with Fabric Markers: Our Fabric Markers are one of the most fun ways to create designs on a t-Shirt.

They're easy to use and stays on through the wash! What’s not to love?

Kits with Paint, Watercolor or Tie-Dye:

Ideal for the true creative little one! This activity requires a little more patience but worth the result!


Color-me-in Kit

This activity is perfect for the younger ones: It's as simple as coloring in their image with Fabric Pastel crayons!

The Image then needs to be transferred onto their T-Shirt by a grown up with a home iron.


Ballerina Kit

No princess is complete without her very own tutu! Our tutus are easy to create with a little help from a grown-up.

Guests will enjoy their tutus for portraits, dancing, special events, or just skipping around the yard! 


DIY boutique Bow Kits (Jojo Bow style)

Create your own Jojo Bow style hair accessory! This activity allows the little designers to create their personal Boutique Bow with 

Fabric Paint or Markers, Jewels, and glitter.


DIY Cosmetic Bag Kits 

Kit with Fabric Markers, Paint, Jewels and Fashionable trims. Some people prefer to skip the T-shirts and Design on something else! The Cosmetic bag is large enough to be used as a pencil case as well so they can showcase their designs in the classroom!


Superhero Cape and Mask Kit

No Superhero is complete without his or her's personalized Cape and Mask! Our Capes are reversible for endless hours of fun! 


Visit our SHOP to view all the items included in each Kit.


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